Loan Estimate Challenges
Louisiana’s Biggest LE Challenges

The jewel of the Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana is the only state in the country comprised of parishes instead of counties.

Recording Fees

In Louisiana, recordation fees vary from parish to parish. These are typically flat fees that have tiers to their pricing based upon document size. For example, a flat amount would be charged for documents of  1 – 5 pages. For documents of 6 – 25 pages an additional flat fee would be charged, and so on.

Transfer and mortgage fees

In Louisiana, there are no true transfer or mortgage taxes. Instead, Orleans parish assesses fees based upon the page count of the document being recorded. There is no tax based upon the purchase price. In Orleans Parish only, there is a flat fee assessed on the page count of the deed. If that property is a one or two unit residential property, the rate is discounted.

Also in Orleans Parish only, if the deed and the mortgage have the same recording date, and will be recorded concurrently, no mortgage tax is collected. It’s still due on the deed, but not on the mortgage. 

Additionally in Orleans Parish, a flat deed tax of $325 is due where the property is a one or two unit residential property. However, in such cases, there is no mortgage fee.

Finally, in Orleans Parish, no mortgage tax is assessed in cash purchase transactions.