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Fee management is all we do. When you add us to your tech stack, you're not adding just another vendor, you're adding a dynamic tool calibrated to your unique lending needs.

Data you can use.

Our award-winning Closing Cost Calculator integrates directly with your loan origination software (LOS) and point-of-sale (POS), so you can offer accurate closing cost quotes within your existing workflow—at the click of a button.

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or $0 per file

**LodeStar Discovery only available for Encompass®, LendingPad and Path. 

Settlewise Title Fees

National Transfer Tax Quoting

National Recording Fee Quoting 

Supported by SettleWise

SettleWise Guarantee 

LodeStar Default Mapping

Seller Obligated Checkboxes Marked*

MAVENT* Compliant APR Flags




or $5 per file

**Everything Included in Discovery

LodeStar Fee Guarantee

Add Your Own Title Agents

Property Tax Quoting*

National Provider Appraisal Fees*

National Provider Inspection Fees*

Construction Fee Support

Second Lien Loan Type Support

Add Attorney Dropdown

Add Escrow Agent Dropdown

Adding Transfer Tax Split Dropdown

Negotiated Rate Title Agent Support

Affiliate Title Agent Support

Date and Time Stamp*

"Title-" prefix removal*

Monthly or Weekly Usage Reports

Ability to Custom Default Transfer Taxes

Disabled SSPL Mapping*

Configure SSPL Fee Mapping*

Configure Shoppable Provider List*

2015 - Configured 1300 Mapping*

2015 - Configured Seller Obligated Checkbox*

2015 - Configured Aggregate Setup in 1000*

2015 - Configured 1100 Mapping*

2015 - Standardized Title Agent Fee Names*




or $4.50 per file

**Everything Included in Discovery and Horizon

Ancillary Fees*

Custom AMC Support*

Custom Inspection Provider Support* 

Lender Specific Loan Programs

Custom Fees for 2nd Lien Products

Customized Calculator Questions

Defaulting Calculator Questions

Reading File to Anwser Calculator Questions

User Selection of Fees Exported

Lock LodeStar Fields

Enabling Encompass® Test Environment

Defaulted Additional Recording Documents

Reading File to Apply Additional Recording Documents

Configurable APR Flags

Defaulted Appraisal Fee Quoting

Defaulted Inspection Fee Quoting

Reading File to Apply or Alter Inspection Fee Quotes

Custom Defaulted Endorsements

Custom Recording Page Counts

Defaulted Settlement Agents

Ability to Custom Default Transfer Taxes by State

Defaulting Owner's Policy to Seller Paid

Custom Title Premium Disclosure

Construction Support - Default Transfer Taxes on Purchase Price Only

Construction Support - Adding Draw Fee Input Box

Update Document Settings*

2015 - configuring 'Paid Tos'*

2015 - configuring APR flags*

2015 - Configured 1000 Mapping*

2015 - Configurated State Specific Fees in 1200 Section*

2015 - Configured 1200 Mapping*

2015 - Configured 800 Mapping*

2015 - Configured 900 Mapping*

Configure SSPL Line Mapping*




or $4 per file

**Everything Included in Discovery, Horizon and Stargazer

Expedited Support

Support Non-Customary or Custom Endorsements

Default Appraisal Fee Checkbox

Enable/Disable Property Taxes

Reading Custom Fields to Update Calculator*

Reading File to Apply or Alter Appraisal Quotes

Pricing Table Plugin

See Our Data In Action

Give our team a few minutes to show you just how powerful automating the closing cost disclosure process can be!


Thanks to LodeStar’s excellent customer service and meticulous onboarding, we were finally able to dodge the traditional frustration and difficulty we’ve encountered with the implementation of other systems in the past. In fact, LodeStar is one of the best implementation vendors that NOVA has ever worked with. They are extremely responsive and delivered what they promised in the expected timeframe. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

Sally Zambrello, Business Process Analyst, PMO
NOVA® Home Loans

Our company has enjoyed working with LodeStar! During initial implementation they were thorough and detailed. In our continuing partnership they have been swift to respond to potential issues and additions with great customer service. We look forward to continuing to partner with them.

TruStone Financial Credit Union

For several years LodeStar has provided consistent, reliable support to our organization. Their responsiveness and readiness to go above and beyond has helped shape a relationship in the industry that we truly value!

TowneBank Mortgage

We’ve been working with Lodestar since 2018 and have nothing but positive things to say about them! Their system rarely has any technical issues and their customer service is fantastic! Every email sent to their team is responded to within minutes and issues are resolved within hours.

Draper and Kramer Mortgage Corp.

LodeStar’s support for our team has been fantastic! They are a great partner, always quick to help us or our clients, and forward thinking on new ways technology can help the fee quote process.

Priority Title & Escrow

LodeStar has really made a difference in our efficacy to disclose. They are always willing to work with you to make the experience the best it can be.

Apex Home Loans Inc.

Simply a great synergy, LodeStar came to us with their product a few years ago and made their product fit into our business model with custom configuration based on how we work. We never have to worry about response times – they are always quick to respond and adjust our configuration as we need. The team at LodeStar keep their customers in mind while innovating services and make us feel as though they are keeping us specifically in mind.

Taylor Morrison Home Funding, LLC.