Loan Estimate Challenges
Ohio’s Biggest LE Challenges

Known as “The Buckeye State,” Ohio has produced the second-most number of American presidents of any state with seven.

Recording and Transfer Fees

Recording fees are uniform throughout the state. The fee is based upon the page count of the document being recorded. 

Ohio is also home to statewide transfer taxes. While the majority of counties in the state have uniform rates, close to 30 of the state’s 88 counties vary from that standard.

Parcel Transfer Fees and Title Insurance Rates

In Ohio, a parcel transfer fee is assessed based upon the county in which the property is located as well as the number of parcels transferred. The amount of the fee varies per parcel, per county.

Title insurance rates in Ohio are promulgated and are assigned by the Ohio Title Insurance Rating Bureau. 

Customary ALTA Endorsements

The ALTA 8.1 and 9 are the customary endorsements in Ohio.