Lending Leaders
Innovation in a Tough Market

LodeStar’s Jim Paolino interviews Dave Savage of Trust Engine and Mortgage Coach. Together they chat about the spirit of innovation, how to weather tough markets, and the importance of customer service.


Dave is an innovator. Regardless of the market, he is driven by vision. Whether he’s trying to educate Gen Z with FirstHome iQ or turn loan officers into data-driven mortgage advisors with Trust Engine, he always has a destination in mind.

In 2007, when Rocket Mortgage launched during the Super Bowl, the industry changed. Digital mortgages were officially the new normal. Manufacturing a loan is different now. By 2027, Dave predicts the loan manufacturing process will be unrecognizable—in a good way.

He is one among many innovators fueling that change with new ideas on how lenders can optimize processes and make loan origination more efficient.


If you want to hear more from Dave Savage and learn about what he and Trust Engine are doing in the industry, tune in to a free webinar on February 15, 2024! Check out Trust Engine’s LinkedIn page for updates!


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