Loan Estimate Challenges
West Virginia’s Biggest LE Challenges

Named the state’s official fruit in 1995, the Golden Delicious apple originated in West Virginia. The state also has a few unique features with regard to its real estate closing fees.

Recording Fees 

Recording fees are consistently priced statewide in West Virginia. The first five pages of the document are assessed at a flat rate, which scales upward for each page to the document beyond that.

Mortgage Taxes, Transfer Taxes and Other Fees

The West Virginia Housing Fund fee, which is $20, is charged on all residential real estate transfers or sale of manufactured homes. House Bill 4721 adds another $5 for any mortgage filed and recorded in the state but not on the transfer or sale of manufactured homes. Additionally, the West Virginia Preservation fee is due on the recording of all deeds and mortgages. This fee is payable to the county in which the transaction occurs and the amount is scaled by tiers of page count (e.g. A recorded document of 0 – 20 pages would be $2, 20 – 30 pages would be $3 and so on).

In West Virginia, transfer taxes are county-specific and the amount varies by county. They are also customarily paid by the seller, although this is negotiable. 

Title Insurance

Title insurance rates are uniform statewide in West Virginia.