Loan Estimate Challenges
Colorado’s Biggest LE Challenges

The state of Colorado is fairly straight-forward when it comes to closing costs and fees. 

Title Insurance Rates by Zone, Not County

The state is noteworthy in that title insurance rates are grouped by zone, rather than county, which could result in multiple-counties within a specific zone.  There can be a dramatic difference in fees from zone to zone, and an erroneous calculation based upon an incorrect county zone grouping could bring about very real curative consequences.

City-Specific Transfer Taxes and Resort Towns

Colorado is home to a wide range of city-specific transfer taxes, especially when it comes to “resort-town” locations like Aspen, Snowmass (Vail) and Copper Mountain. These city-specific transfer taxes are collected in addition to the Colorado statewide transfer tax.


Last edited July 14, 2023

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