Loan Estimate Challenges
Washington’s Biggest LE Challenges

Like some of its neighbors to the south, Washington is best known—at least, when it comes to generating a Loan Estimate, for it’s varied and sundry county-specific and city-specific transfer taxes. These also can change from time to time, and never in unison.

Statewide Recording Fees and Zone-Based Title Premiums

Washington is a state which imposes statewide recording fees. Like Illinois, title insurance premiums can vary by zone, which usually amounts to a county-by-county basis. 

County-specific title premium sales taxes and settlement fees sales taxes

Washington is also home to county-by-county title premium sales taxes and settlement fees sales taxes, which is certainly important when it comes to building an accurate Loan Estimate or Closing Disclosure for closings.

Rising fees and taxes…but LodeStar is on top of things!

It’s also worth noting that a recent change brought a $100 surcharge to certain Washington recording fees in order to provide Washington renters pandemic-related assistance. We’re proud to point out that LodeStar was aware of this change before it even became law, to the benefit of anyone seeking to avoid curative penalties on a Washington transaction. 

In fact, as the pandemic’s impact on the American economy and the liquidity of numerous municipalities drives more and more cities, counties and states to raise land or property related fees or taxes, LodeStar continues to monitor legislative and regulatory developments to assure that our database remains not only the fastest, but also the most accurate closing fee calculator you can find.


Last edited July 14, 2023

LodeStar Software Solutions prides itself on being the most accurate provider of the most up-to-date closing fees in the mortgage industry—so much so that we guarantee those rates. However, unlike the closing fee data we provide our clients through our product, LodeStar can only guarantee the accuracy of the content delivered through LE Challenges at the time of publication.LE Challenges is published solely for marketing and advertising purposes to provide an example of the depth and breadth of our commitment to providing accurate closing fees to its clients. While we do our best to update the content of LE Challenges as often as possible, the data shared here is in no way intended to serve as data to be relied upon in the generation of an actual Loan Estimate or any other element of a mortgage transaction.


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