Get to Know LodeStar! Sarah Kuhns

You tend to hear from Jim in our LodeStar Reports, but it’s time to hear from the other folks who make up our amazing team! This week, we talked with Sarah Kuhns, our Customer Success Manager.

What brought you to LodeStar? Is LodeStar your first experience in the housing/mortgage/real estate industry?

I found LodeStar online at Indeed. At the time, I was doing freelance work. I’d been doing all kinds of different title work before that for 10 years or so. When I saw the LodeStar ad, I Googled the company, and it was like nothing I’ve seen before. The job description bullet points were all things I could do. Jim Paolino was listed as the contact, so I just emailed him. Before you know it, we were on a quick call, discussing title stuff. Unfortunately, he told me they’d just filled the position. I was disappointed, but said, “Just keep me in mind.” I really wanted to be a part of what he told me about.

Just a week later, Jim called me back and asked me if I’d consider doing some freelance work for them. I jumped at the opportunity, and within a month, I was onboard full time. They took a chance on me and I’m really grateful!

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

A typical day of work looks like me jumping on my computer with different tasks to complete. I spend a lot of time emailing or calling clients; obtaining fees; and basically giving clients an overview of what we do and determining the best ways to help them. I’ll also add that LodeStar has really helped me to grow into the role. Kelsey Wright, our Director of Customer Success, and I spend a lot of time working together and she’s really made me a better team member. She has a tremendous eye for detail, and she inspires me to be the best I can be. It’s great to work in a community where no question is considered stupid, and my ideas are as valid as those of anyone else. It’s a real team environment.

How has 2021 been different than 2020 for you?

2020 was actually great for me, in spite of the pandemic. The year made me realize what is important in life and, of course, it’s the year I started working for Lodestar, which has been an amazing experience. I was really nervous when I started since I’ve never worked for a software company before. But the support I’ve received and the opportunities I’ve been given have really helped me grow and hone my skills.

I did have my own brush with COVID in 2020. I had the symptoms as well as Influenza B at the same time! I was in the midst of a huge project working through a large list. While we’d thought it would be a simple task when we started, it turned out that the list had a lot of outdated or bad data. And I had to fix it while I had COVID. Don’t get me wrong—pretty much everyone from Jim, David and Kelsey on told me to take some time off to get better, but I was determined. I managed to update and “fix” that list of about 1,000 emails in just three days!

What’s one thing nobody would ever believe true about you?

I never went to college! People are always confused when I tell them. I just tell them I work hard and put my energy into the things I have a passion for in life.

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