Lending Leaders
Why We Started a Title Company

Welcome to the 2024 Summer Session, brought to you by SettleWise! We’re diving right in by discussing why we decided to found SettleWise, a national title company, in a less-than-hospitable market.

Why Start a Title Company… Now?!

Title is in LodeStar’s blood. Jim originally built the Closing Cost Calculator to help his parents’ title business back in Rhode Island. Ten years hence, LodeStar has thousands of title agents set up in the system. We get asked a lot about which agents are best. It just made sense to put our name in the hat and provide even more value to our users that way.

As for why now…

Because LodeStar was ready. Even though the housing market isn’t exactly looking its best, we’ve proved our ability to not just survive market storms, but thrive in them. This is a logical next step, and we couldn’t be more excited.


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