Lending Leaders
Wisdom for Small Business Owners

For this week’s episode of Lending Leaders, Jim interviews Michael Barnett, CEO and Founder of Loanspark, about what SMBs need to know to succeed in the world of finance and lending.

Embedded Lending

Michael Barnett has had a long journey in the mortgage industry. He’s done just about everything. These days he specializes, both in commercial lending and embedded lending. Embedded lending is when consumers can access lending products through non-financial products and services. That way, consumers can access loans directly through merchants and their digital platforms.

This way, folks like Michael are that much closer to clearing the way for borrowers. For Michael, it’s all about helping people.

Wisdom for Small Business Owners

Michael is a small business founder. He’s faced his fair share of challenges on the road to profitability. Nowadays, he’s vocal about what he wish he knew before setting out. To hear the wisdom he’s earned over the years, tune in to the full episode.


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