Lending Leaders
The Secret to Collaboration

For this week’s episode of the Lending Leaders Podcast, LodeStar’s Jim Paolino talks with Melissa Langdale, President and COO of The Mortgage Collaborative, about how they got started in the industry, the future of mortgage lending, and what it really means to collaborate.

Helping Homebuyers

Almost every week he hosts the podcast, Jim jokes with guests that you’re either born into the mortgage industry or you fall into it by accident. Melissa was one of those who was “born into it.” Her parents were top-producing lenders who she started helping when she was fresh out of college. She didn’t plan to stay—until she helped a struggling homebuyer get their first home. And then she realized how beautiful the mortgage industry’s work could be.

But how to stay focused on that, while also building a business?

The Mortgage Collaborative

Enter TMC.

The Mortgage Collaborative helped Melissa find other industry professionals who wanted to do more than just close loans. She found a network of people who not only share her values, but also had the know-how to build businesses that were strong and resilient.

Now, Melissa is the COO of TMC, and she’s helping keep that spirit of collaboration alive. Because it’s not just about closing loans—it’s about helping people own homes. Remembering that is the secret to collaboration.



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