Lending Leaders
The Joy of Problem Solving

This week, Alayna had the pleasure of speaking with Stacy Holindrake, a veteran of the mortgage industry with a strong background in Mortgage Operations. Together they discuss new opportunities and the joy of problem solving.

The Joy of Problem Solving

Stacy is in the midst of an exciting time in her life. As a self-professed lover of problems, she’s open to new opportunities solving operational issues in the mortgage industry. After 25 years of experience in the business, her background in IT and Operations, she has a unique ability to bridge the gap between departments. It’s time for the industry to move forward, and Stacy’s here to make that happen.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

One of the most important skills Stacy has to offer is knowing the cost to build. When it comes to tech, there’s always an inherent risk in adopting new tech. Given the immaterial promise of benefit in time savings or cost savings, it’s not always the best idea to be the first out of the gate. Sometimes—especially with a large lending operation—you have to sit back and watch things play out. Knowing when to jump and when to hold back, that takes a veteran with decades of experience.


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