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Homebuying with the Right Tech

For this week’s episode of the Lending Leaders Podcast, Alayna chats with longtime friend and industry partner, Olga Faynshteyn, Business Development Manager at LenderLogix. Olga is no stranger to the world of optimizing the loan origination process with key tech—especially since she just got to use LenderLogix products to buy her own house.

A Mortgage Professional’s Perspective

As a veteran of the mortgage industry, Olga knew just how momentous buying a house is. It’s a huge financial undertaking, the biggest one of most people’s lives. So, after she had her house picked out, step one was getting pre-approved. And then, she and her husband needed to find a lender that they trusted to help them navigate the home buying process.

She picked a lender that was using LenderLogix, so she got to see firsthand, not only how well the products work, but also how much time they save. And it was precisely that time savings that allowed her and her lender the space and peace of mind to have an excellent homebuying experience.

To hear more about Olga’s homebuying experience and how LenderLogix helped simplify the process, listen to the whole episode!


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