Lending Leaders
Sticking to Core Values

While at TMC’s “The Mane Event” in Louisville, Kentucky, Alayna had the opportunity to chat with Stephen Huang, Key Account Director at MeridianLink, about sales, the benefits of being a vendor vs. a lender, and the importance of sticking to your core values.

A People Industry

The mortgage industry is a people industry. Whether you’re looking for a career switch, or you’re looking to embark on an exciting new project, it’s all about leveraging your network. Send out emails. Get on LinkedIn. Go to conferences and meet friends of friends. The amount of opportunities within your reach will multiply overnight.

Core Values

In an industry built on relationships, not just skills or work experience, the best thing you can do is be true to yourself. Stick to your core values, respect them, apply them to yourself, and apply them to your clients. No one is going to remember you based on what company you worked with. They’re going to remember who you are. And there’s no better way to be than authentic.


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