Lending Leaders
Building Bridges with Technology

For this week’s episode of Lending Leaders, Jim chats with Allen Pollack, a product innovator, board advisor, and strategist, about the mortgage industry, tech, and how to build bridges and relationships in lending.

Gauging Growth

As COO at CANDID, a Board Advisor at PMI Rate Pro™, and Digital Lending Technology Advisor at Transformational Mortgage Solutions, Allan knows mortgage tech. He’s been in the trenches helping lenders innovate for a little while now, so his sense of priorities is razor sharp. One of the biggest things he’s learned is how to gauge growth.

He’s learned that there is no time when a company “makes it.” There’s no one mile marker that, once a company crosses it, they can kick their feet up. In fact, quite the opposite. If there’s one thing that a company should consider as a marker of success, it’s achieving a state of constant growth. When you’re learning new things, trying new strategies, and taking calculated risks to navigate changing market conditions, that’s a good sign.

Just don’t plan on kicking your feet up…


To learn about how Allen Pollack innovated in mortgage tech over his career to build meaningful bridges between lenders and their clients, listen to the whole episode.



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