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How to NOT Miss Lending Opportunities

For this week’s episode of the Lending Leaders podcast, Jim Paolino interviews Josh Friend, the CEO and Founder of InSellerate, a powerful marketing automation platform for lenders. Together they discuss missed opportunities and how to avoid them.

Missed Opportunities

Lenders want to close more loans. Everyone knows that, everyone agrees on it. And yet, that simple ultimatum can seem so unattainable and convoluted, especially given how markets shift up and down, and how one tech company after the next promises to provide THE silver bullet.

For Josh, it’s all about targeting missed opportunities and implementing tech to target those missed opportunities. For example, study after study has shown that the majority of loans that closed did so with the person that took the first application. This shows the importance of being efficient with communications, and being persistent with follow-through. That’s why Insellerate designed a phone system to help automate and streamline communications with clients, based on the specific type of business they might provide.

“This isn’t a dress rehearsal”

Josh is a big advocate of living life to the fullest—TODAY. It might sound cheesy or cliché, but lots of people talk about all the things they’re going to do “someday.” There is no someday. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. If you want to do something extraordinary, go do it. To quote one of Josh’s longtime friends: “If you’re going to be a bear, you might as well be a grizzly.”


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