Lending Leaders
The Homebuyer’s Journey

LodeStar’s Jim Paolino chats with longtime friend and recent homebuyer, Brian Popek, about the ups and downs of buying a home in a less-than-ideal time.

Financial Savvy Does Not Equal Home Buying Expertise

Lots of people—Jim and Brian by no means excluded—have financial expertise, sometimes even directly related to the housing market. But that generalized financial acumen doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the process of bidding on properties, negotiating with sellers, timing the sale of your own home—let alone selecting the right mortgage loan from the right lender.

And that’s in a good market…

A Less-Than-Ideal Time

Let’s be honest. Of all the years to buy a home, 2023 wasn’t exactly the best. Brian’s experience was one of inflated prices, low inventory, and insane competition. Houses worth buying would be on the market for a matter of days before they sold for several tens of thousands over asking.

It could be frustrating, to say the least.

To learn more about Brian’s home buying journey, what he learned, and how he navigated the buying process in 2023, listen to the full episode.


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