Lending Leaders
Emphasizing the Borrower Experience

Alayna chats with longtime LodeStar friend, John Hardesty, General Manager-Mortgage Division at Argyle, about the borrower experience, the importance of education, and how technology moves the industry forward.

The Borrower Experience

Providing a valuable experience to borrowers means meeting the borrower where they’re at. A typical mortgage experience looks like just taking information and recommending finance options to a borrower. But going a step further means embracing the educational aspects of lending. You, the lender, are an irreplaceable resource amid one of, if not the, biggest financial decision in a person’s life. That’s a huge deal. Just recognizing that is the first step toward providing a better borrower experience of home buying.


In John’s estimation, automation is only as good as the balance you strike between tech and what he calls “the human element.” The human element is what makes the borrower experience exceptional. It’s the lender’s expertise and time spent logging face time with the borrower. Lenders need tools like LOS and POS integrations, CRMs, lead gen plugins, and PPEs, but none of that can replace the human element. Automation is next to useless if it doesn’t serve to amplify human interaction between lender and borrower.


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