Lending Leaders
More Than Just Surviving

LodeStar’s Alayna Gardner chats with the indefatigable Liz Short, CEO of Short Solutions, about how to do more than just “Survive Till ’25.”

Surviving THIS Down Cycle

We’ve all seen our share of down cycles in the housing market, but this one is different. Liz insists that mortgage processing writ large will not look the same after this particular cycle. You cannot just hold your breath. “Survive Till ’25.” If you don’t implement key technology to strategically address key issues, you aren’t going to survive.

Future buyers will expect—and increasingly already are expecting—that lenders can accommodate shopping around, needing quick turnaround on documents and processes, and offering them peace of mind amid volatility and competition.

Team Building

Changing as a lender and implementing key solutions takes collaboration. Liz has experienced being a “solo-preneur” in her basement, and she cannot emphasize enough the importance of community. Even if it’s just having a group of friends or coworkers to touch base with every Monday morning, your individual creativity and work ethic will greatly improve if you have a support community. If we’re going to do more than just “Survive Till ’25,” we need to learn to collaborate.

Personal Inspiration

Finding inspiration from others is also a key to doing more than just surviving. One of the best ways to wrap your head around doing something hard is learning from the stories of those who have.


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