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Leading with Authenticity

For this week’s Lending Leaders episode, Alayna talks with Meg Bennett, CMB®, AMP, on the struggle of getting those impressive letters behind her name. Meg is a champion of authenticity, and she brings that to every conversation and endeavor.

Because of Meg’s impressive expertise and inspiring work ethic, people often assume she’s been in the mortgage industry way longer than she has. Both her experience and the work she’s put into her career show in everything she does.

The Road to CMB

When she was brand new to the industry, she knew she wanted to get her CMB within five years. She talked to an educator at the MBA about a CMB. She took Mortgage Banking I, and it was really challenging. But Meg is naturally curious and loves learning, so she was more than up to it. She took Mortgage Banking II during the pandemic.

Several classes, a lot of studying, and more than a few tests later, Meg earned both both her AMP and her CMB. She got to celebrate the latter achievement at MBA Annual in Philadelphia.

Overcoming Fear

To anyone considering going for their AMP and CMB, Meg says go for it! Don’t let fear hold you back. In fact, as a newly minted CMB, Meg’s word to her industry is don’t let fear be your primary motivator. Yes, it’s a tough market out there, but make sure your choices are motivated by curiosity, a sound work ethic, and a fundamental belief in yourself.


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