Lending Leaders
Creating Connections in Lending

For this week’s episode of Lending Leaders, Jim Paolino talks with Joel Gonzalez, Managing Partner & EVP of Sales MOR Lending, about Joel’s journey into mortgage lending and the power of connection in sales.

Luck Meets Opportunity

After leaving the University of Florida in 2020, Joel joined a mortgage company. He got his mortgage license and has been crushing it now for going on three years. He since joined longtime LodeStar friend Roy George at MOR Lending, where he has been promoted to Managing Partner and EVP of Sales.

A Knack for Connection

While Joel has put in his time cold-calling and prospecting like any other LO, he has distinguished himself by his ability to make connections. Even if someone doesn’t call him back for months, sometimes one face-to-face conversation is what gets you to close. There’s no secret sauce, just empathy, joy in making connections, and hustle.

It’s important to note that, contra a lot of stereotypes, Joel—a Gen-Zer—emphasizes relationships as the most important factor of his success, not technology.

…But Also Tech

While Joel emphasizes personal connection as the most important aspect of his sales strategy, social media only amplifies and streamlines those connections. When you can connect with someone directly on Instagram and TikTok, you don’t always need to go to networking events. Also, you can establish recognizability and a personal brand through content marketing.

If you’re interested in Joel’s content, you can find him on Instagram.


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