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During this week’s episode of the Lending Leaders podcast, Alayna Gardner and Skip Willcox—VP and Account Executive-GA & SC at Crescent Mortgage Company, Founder and Host of The Big Skip Energy Podcast, and Owner and Founder of Kairos Sales Group—discuss sales, time management, the importance of investing in your dreams, and the value of leadership.

Working a Day Job and Investing in Your Dreams

Skip admits it’s not easy balancing a full-time job and entrepreneurial dreams on the side. His advice? Time management is key. No more “randomly” checking your side hustle emails at work. Stop trying to multitask—it just leads to doing multiple things poorly, instead of one thing well.

Sales Leaders Aren’t Born, They’re Made

Next time you’re jealous of a top producer’s “natural talent,” remember Skip’s wisdom: success comes from hard work, not luck. He recalled seeing star athletes and assuming they were gifted by God. But we forget the years of practice and training it took to reach that level. The same goes for sales stars. They put in tireless work behind the scenes.

Diversity Leads to New Perspectives

One time during a banking conference, Skip looked around the room and realized he was the most “diverse” person in the room: a white man under 40 with a beard. Yikes. We can do better than that. We must do better. Skip stresses the importance of diversity in bringing new viewpoints to the table. Different backgrounds, experiences, and identities allow for more creativity and innovation. We need to give women and minorities more space and opportunities.

It’s About Outcomes, Not Widgets

When asked how many calls it takes to produce X results, Skip argues there’s no magic formula. Each person needs individualized coaching focused on their specific goals and needs. Don’t get caught up in benchmarks. It’s about aligning activities to each person’s desired outcomes.

Fear Can Be Healthy Motivation

Many are driven by their fear of being average and leaving no legacy. While fear shouldn’t dictate actions, it can provide motivation to accomplish great things. Skip is driven by his desire to positively impact others, so they’ll remember working with him. His family also inspires him to be his best every day.


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