Lending Leaders
Recapping ICE Encompass Experience 2023

For this week’s LLL, Jim and Alayna sit down back at LodeStar HQ to recap their experience exhibiting at ICE Experience 2023 in Las Vegas.

As much as we rely on Zoom and other online chat platforms for both our daily work and our various partnerships, there’s nothing quite like in-person meetings. It’s great—especially after some years away—to meet face-to-face with lenders and vendors across the mortgage space.


Conversations yielded some thought-provoking insights. As opposed to last year, lenders have time to talk to vendors, build their tech stacks, and prep for when volume picks back up. Usually, when you ask attendees, “What do you hope to get out of the conference,” you hear tons of different answers. But this time, the almost unanimous response was, “Automation.” Lenders want to automate their processes so they scale their business to weather rises and falls in volume.



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