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Empowering Down Payment Assistance

For this week’s episode of the LodeStar Lending Leaders podcast, Alayna sat down with Rob Chrane, Founder and CEO of Down Payment Resource. Down Payment Resource connects homebuyers with the down payment help they need and provides tools for housing professionals to help them along the way. Together they discussed all things down payment assistance, empowering local lenders to help borrowers, and fighting the uphill battle of homebuyer education.

Down Payment Assistance

Rob got started in the world of down payment assistance while he was serving on a steering committee, which had just received a gift to start a workforce housing center. The committee was struggling with the fact that, although there is no shortgage of down payment assistance programs available, they’re difficult to navigate. Rob wanted to clean them up and make things easier—but not for a living. “Be careful what you wish for…” he joked.


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