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Clarifying Homeowners Associations

For this week’s episode of LLL, Jim interviews Anton Tonev, Co-Founder of InspectHOA. Many homebuyers—especially first-timers—known very little about Homeowners Associations. Navigating the ins-and-outs of HOA documents and fees can be a headache. So, we were excited to pick Anton’s brain about how he helps lenders and title agents navigate HOAs, and about the wider need for clarity in the housing, title, and mortgage lending industries.


HOAs can be difficult to navigate. Fees can be steep. Documents and info can be hard to track down. Anton bought a property in 2016, and he really had to dig to find his HOA fees. He and a friend who didn’t have as good of an experience with his HOA wanted to start a side hustle to help people navigate HOAs. They didn’t want to do B2C, however. They soon found that title agencies and lenders also had difficulty navigating HOAs, so they started InspectHOA.

Listen to the whole episode to hear more about Anton’s journey, the ins-and-outs of HOAs, and more!


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