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Live from Digital Mortgage 2022!

LodeStar’s star Sales and Marketing Director, Alayna Gardner, interviews fellow attendees at the 2022 Digital Mortgage Conference.

What are the most important changes to the mortgage origination process in the last twenty years? How about the last two years, given how much the pandemic changed things?

Things have gone from paper pushing and brick-and-mortars to paperless and automation. Over the last two years, there’s been a spike in automation. It’s the number one talking point. Homes were going off the shelf quickly, which means loans need to get quicker. There are a lot of new vendors.

—Rebecca Seward, Ocrolus


Things have gone paperless. Underwriters can be remote, documentation has been easier. Over the last two years, originators have had to ask, “How can you better reach your clients,” even when everyone is at home. It’s forced lenders to adopt new tech and try new strategies.

—Amanda Richardson EnactMI


There’s been a lot more borrower-facing technology. Borrowers have the power to do many of the steps that have been traditionally relegated to loan officers.

—Joe Edwards, BeSmartee


Nothing short of a digital revolution. We’ve gone from paper applications to faster, digital mortgages.

—Alyssa Weldon, HomeSpire Mortgage


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