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Live from the MerdianLink LIVE! 2022 User Forum with Jemila Stewart

For this week’s Lending Leaders, Alayna had an opportunity to talk with Jemila Stewart, Director of Partner Business Development at one of LodeStar’s favorite partners, MeridianLink. Contra our usual format, Alayna and Jemila were able to speak together live at the MeridianLink LIVE! 2022 User Forum. Even Zoom needs a break sometimes, right?

What was your favorite session?

Jemila enjoyed delivering her own session on MeridianLink Mortgage’s offerings to users so much that she was tempted to say herself. But she had to give the slot to keynote speaker Nicole Malachowski, a fellow USAF veteran and the first female Thunderbird pilot.


MeridianLink has really tried to simplify automations they offer, so that everyone can use them.  Not everyone knows how to take advantage of automations, after all. Some lenders want to automate mundane daily tasks, but the goals vary dramatically from lender to lender.

Market Changes

With volume dropping and lenders increasingly interested in evaluating internal processes, how have you seen lenders shift their focus on what matters to them when looking at an LOS/POS? Jemila has been asking clients and prospects precisely that question at this user forum. The answer to this question depends on the goals of each lender. How lenders use tech to weather market cycles still comes back to what their goals were before volume dropped.

What do you for yourself when traveling on business?

Sneakers! Sometimes looking cute in heels isn’t the best decision for a long day on a conference room floor. Since MerdianLink LIVE! was held at Huntingdon Beach, CA, both Jemila and Alayna took trips to the beach. Coming from the East Coast, Jemila had never seen a surfer in person, so she took this opportunity to confirm their existence outside of TV.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Helping people integrate tech solutions into their work, so they can have a better and easier time doing their job.


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