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Looking Forward to Encompass Experience 2022

LLL sat down recently with Wendy Marcelli, one of LodeStar’s newest sales professionals. She’ll be joining our Alayna Gardner at the March ICE Mortgage Technology Encompass Experience, which kicks off a series of conferences at which you’ll see some of our team!

Coming full circle

Wendy comes to LodeStar with 20 years of sales experience. She told us she feels coming to a technology provider like LodeStar brings her career full circle, as she started in her early years with a software company working to promote a paperless work environment and workflow redesign. That firm was a start-up, and grew rapidly. After seven years, Wendy was named president of that business.  

The journey continues with parenthood and acts of kindness

Wendy then took a hiatus from business and became a stay-at-home mom for her two children. In time, however, she entered the dental industry for a short period, before getting the itch to start her own business. That business still exists today, and is called Pass It Onward. Wendy told us this company’s primary purpose is to encourage acts of spreading kindness. The means by which they do that is selling semi-precious stones, to be passed on to others. Pass It Onward then actually tracks the journey of those stones from person to person. 

Wendy then moved into a business which sold patented protective gear in sports industry. She was there five years, but the business was badly hurt by the pandemic, which led her to renew her search. That’s the point at which she found LodeStar.

Wendy arrives in the mortgage industry

Wendy didn’t know much about mortgage industry until she started to research it. She told us that she believes Millennials are a tech-focused group, and a key to the future of the industry. The lenders embracing tech will be the leaders. Wendy loves the fact that LodeStar is a part of that.

Fun facts

Wendy’s “fun fact?” She told us that she, like her entire family, is very intuitive. So at age 16, you could likely find Wendy reading tarot cards!

Asked what gets her out of bed each day, Wendy quickly answered that it was her dog! She continued on to tell us it’s also the pursuit of doing what she enjoys. She enjoys challenge of learning something new and considers herself an eternal student.

Alayna and Wendy will be at several industry events and conferences this spring. If you happen upon them, please do say hello!

LLL sat down recently with Isaac Strader, LodeStar’s one of our newest sales professionals.  He’ll be attending ICE Mortgage Technology’s Experience with Alayna Gardner in mid-March, so we wanted to introduce him to our clients, friends and viewers.

Musical roots

Isaac comes to LodeStar after ten years in the music industry, where he managed a small music lessons company, wrote and performed. In fact, Isaac has performed in every state in the continental United States. He told us the experience was incredible for him, allowing him to travel, meet great people and participate in cool events.

Coming to the mortgage industry

On the transition to the mortgage industry, Isaac shared that he’s excited to learn more about something he knew very little about previously. He described the home-buying experience as something many of his friends are going through right now and as a “practical, down-to-earth” event that touches many.

Favorite state

Asked to name the state he most likes to visit; Isaac gave us three. Vermont, which he remembers for its cool, crisp, beautiful fall seasons. California, for the beaches in the south and wine country in the north…as well as his many friends there. And, finally, Texas, for its amazing food and friendly, resilient people.


What gets Isaac out of bed in the morning. In addition to music, it’s also the important people in his life such as friends and his family, most of which lives in West Virginia.

Isaac will be joining Alayna at several events this conference season. If you see them, please be sure to say hello!