Deeper Thoughts
No Summer Reruns Here – July 6th, 2021

Issue #80: No Summer Reruns Here

Back when a TV series would start a new season sometime in the fall, then wrap up for the year sometime in the spring, it was common for the channel hosting that show to run reruns all summer long, until the new season began. For viewers, this meant it was (mostly) time to turn off the TV and get outside or read a book. Of course, streaming TV, binge-watching and other disruptors have brought the existence of “summer reruns” to an end. That’s why, instead of taking some time off for the summer of 2021, Lodestar’s Lending Leaders will be doing something a little different.

If you haven’t seen LLL yet, please have a look! We’ve tackled some serious topics this year like inclusion and fair lending in the mortgage industry, serial entrepreneurialism, mental health in the workplace and, of course, the far reaches of new mortgage and settlement technology—and their place in the future of our industry. We’ve talked to amazing thought leaders from the MBA, Dytrix, Carrington and CoreLogic (to name a few). And then there’s Josh Pitts from SHRED Media. He gets his own category!

We’re going to change all of that up—temporarily—for the summer. Don’t worry. We’ll get back to our usual format after Labor Day. But it’s summer, so let’s have a little (more) fun.

Jim and our own Alayna Gardner will hold court for the next couple of months. And they’ll be taking things a little lighter. Expect conversations ranging from the best trade show collectibles to the Marvel Universe. In fact, expect a lot about Marvel. The point is, we’ve all worked hard this year. We’ll keep doing that, but just as some folks have summer office hours, we’re going to have a little fun with LLL at the end of the week.

In fact, be sure to check out our first installment. What does “hot girl summer” have to do with mortgage trends? Find out here! (LINK)

Of course, we’d like your input on this as well. Got an idea or a topic for the upcoming summer series of LLL? Send it our way! Email me at

It’ll be a lot more fun than summer reruns!