Deeper Thoughts
Get Used to the Concept of “Clarity” – June 22nd, 2021

Issue #78: Get used to the concept of “clarity.”

2021 has been another great year for us at LodeStar. Fairly soon, we’ll be rolling out a new look-and-feel for our brand. Don’t worry—we’re going to keep doing what we do well. We’re also preparing to go above and beyond that, which includes a better way of describing what we do and where we fit into this complex ballet that is the mortgage transaction. To that end, we’ll be discussing a new concept which we believe really crystalizes what needs to be done at a strategic level, industry-wide, to really start to address some of the challenges the mortgage process has always struggled with.

Get used to us talking about “clarity” in the real estate process.

Of course, clarity can mean a lot of things, and has many nuances. But take a step back. Even the biggest advocates for our great industry have to admit that at times, and in more than a few places, the real estate transaction can be “convoluted.” Or “murky.” Or “confusing.” And not just to the consumer. 

It’s no one person or entity’s fault. The transfer of land and property is an almost sacred event in this country. Now, add in a number of disparate functions necessary to perfect that transfer—appraisal, title, mortgage, the location of a property in the first place and the negotiation to sell/buy—all of which lead to numerous specialties and professionals. Now, toss a patchwork net of federal, state and local legal requirements to the mix—varying from state to state, county to county. Now, ramp up the pressure with intense public and governmental scrutiny over a process not many understand completely. 

It’s the perfect recipe for anything but clarity!

There are a lot of ways our industry could benefit from a healthy dose of clarity throughout the transaction. Clarity of function from professional stakeholder to stakeholder. Clarity of process for the consumer (and regulator). Clarity of purpose for the technology and processes involved. We at LodeStar believe strongly that a stiff shot of clarity—or three—could be part of a larger strategic vision that finally moves our beloved calling two steps forward in the battle to modernize.

So get ready to hear a little more about that in the coming weeks and months!

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