Deeper Thoughts
This One’s a Team Effort – June 8th, 2021

Issue #76: This One’s a Team Effort

Part of the reason thought leadership-based marketing works is that, especially in the mortgage industry, people relate to people, not logos. We partner with personalities and people with good reputations, not brands. And yet, when a company spokesperson or leader has a good reputation, the brand becomes associated with it.

It works the other way around, too. Behind every good “leader,” you’re likely to find a great team.

LodeStar is honored this week that our CEO, Jim Paolino, was named as one of Housing Wire’s 2021 Rising Stars. According to Housing Wire, the award is for “industry professionals who have become leaders in their respective fields. Those who are helping move markets forward, each and every day.”

Jim’s not the sort of guy who writes about his own awards. That’s why he’s not writing this week’s Deeper Thoughts. However, he did want us to focus on the fact that this is a team honor, and that is less about being a leader, and more about “moving markets forward, each and every day.”

In our case, it’s the people you’ve met in our “Get to Know LodeStar” segments. People like David Spektor, Kelsey Wright, Alayna Gardner, Jim Mark…and the folks you haven’t even met, but will be soon (Stay tuned!). We’re all pulling in the same direction to take little steps forward. We’re working with the common goal of providing clarity in the real estate transaction (more on that soon). It’s those little steps, when taken by more and more of the industry, that will lead to the “sea change” everyone’s been waiting for.

So, our thanks and congrats to the entire team at LodeStar, as well as our clients and partners. You’ve all empowered this brand to become something bigger. Jim certainly deserves the award. He’s the one out front, sometimes pushing, sometimes pulling. But we consider this to be a team award.

And we look forward to continuing that effort towards clarity in the mortgage transaction.

Thank you Housing Wire, and thank you, dear readers!

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