Deeper Thoughts
March Comes in Like a Lion for LodeStar and Mortgage Sentinel! – March 9th, 2021

Issue #63: March Comes in Like a Lion for LodeStar and Mortgage Sentinel!

And you thought 2020 was busy!

Everyone we’ve talked to in the past six weeks tells us that their activity levels are through the roof. That’s holding true here with LodeStar and Mortgage Sentinel, too. We have a lot of new things we’ll be rolling out soon. We’re also blessed to see that the business continues to barrel ahead in the market. 

We’re also going to take a second to engage in a bit of a not-so-humble-brag if you don’t mind (We usually stick to general content here, but the two stories we link to are non-promotional, so please do check them out!). After all, we were given the opportunity to share our thoughts in not one, but two of the top trade publications in our industry this week.

Our first is in the March issue of Scotsman Guide, where we discuss the opportunity in a purchase market for those willing to attack their production inefficiencies.

In March’s MReport, we also had the chance to discuss the importance of using technology to upgrade—not water down—the human element of what we consider the most important transaction of most borrowers’ lives: the mortgage transaction.

Finally, we’re truly honored to have again been chosen to Housing Wire’s 2021 HW Tech 100. This is the third year we’ve been on that list—thank you, Housing Wire!

Finally, while we’re at it, if you haven’t taken a look at our new podcast, LodeStar’s Lending Leaders, please have a look. We’ve talked to some amazing people already, such as MBA’s Krystal Thomas, Draper and Kramer Mortgage Company’s Matthew Patterson and Title Box’s Matt Einheber, and had some very interesting conversations! We also have other amazing guests coming soon. So, please take a moment to check it out and let us know what you think.

That’s it for now. We’re grateful for the good fortune we’ve seen so far in 2021, and hope you are experiencing the same. And now, there’s a lot changing out there, and a lot to talk about. We’ll be diving back into that in the coming weeks and months. 

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