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And Now for Something New…Plus a Little Different. – February 9th, 2021


Issue #60:And Now for Something New…Plus a Little Different.

If your 2021 has started anything like ours at LodeStar, you’ve been very busy—and the good kind of busy. The kind of busy that combines new business with serving existing business. I’m also sensing a lot of change in the air. Part of that feeling is a ramping up of marketing efforts by many of my clients as we shift gears for a changing market.

We’ve also been busy putting together something we’re very excited about here at LodeStar. We’re finally doing a podcast—a video podcast. It’s called “LodeStar’s Lending Leaders” and we’re already referring to it as “Triple L,” a la Guy Fieri.

Let’s start with who will want to see “LLL.” Of course, if you’re affiliated with LodeStar, be it as a partner or a client, please do have a look. You’ll get to meet some of the people behind (and in front of) the scenes here for what we’re planning to mimic an interesting conversation like the kind you might have with a prospect or a client or a partner at one of the MBA Annual’s Monday night socializers. A little industry. A little fun. And a lot of interesting!

We’re also really aiming for thought leaders and decision makers. You don’t have to own a business or be an EVP to come see us, of course. But we’ll really be taking the perspective of the decision maker, innovator and entrepreneur in our industry, and all of the things that inspire and drive them to success.

The podcast will not only feature mortgage-focused personalities, as the name might imply—although we’re getting ready to air a fantastic conversation with Matt Patterson of Draper and Kramer Mortgage early on. And we really don’t want this to sound exactly like many of the other podcasts out there serving our industry. Oh, we’ll definitely discuss issues that affect us on a daily basis. But we’re shooting to talk to interesting people about related topics as well. We’ll talk about business leadership (and management). We’ll find out what makes our guests tick—what motivates them to lead and innovate. We’re even planning a recurring segment called “America’s Top Homebuyer,” where we’ll talk to people who are NOT in the industry to find out just what consumers really do, and don’t, understand about buying and financing a home.

We’ll also be talking to trade associations; entrepreneurs and innovators. Who knows? If you’re interested, we may even have you on at some point! But one thing we will always strive for is to be genuine and interesting. We’ll learn and improve as we go. Even Seinfield’s pilot only gave us a hint at what the famous TV series would eventually become. But it’s an understatement to say that we’re thrilled to finally unveil to you our new offering in just the next couple of weeks.

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