Deeper Thoughts
Asking a Few Questions as 2020 Comes to a Close. – November 17th, 2020

Issue #50:

Asking a Few Questions as 2020 Comes to a Close.


I’m going to try something a little different this week, if you’ll indulge me. You see, we’re coming to the end of the year—and I’ll refrain from commenting on the unique nature of this particular year. This is the time of year when all of the industry publications and websites start doing year-end review and, better yet, prognostication for the coming year. I’d like to try something a little different.

Deeper Thoughts will, for this week, at least, be Deeper Questions. Here are some of the things we’re asking ourselves as the holidays rapidly approach…

How much of 2021 will be a true purchase market? Or can this unbelievable re-fi explosion continue?

We can’t deny that the pandemic will have a wide impact on our economy and industry. But what effects and potential impacts are the pundits forgetting about? Will it even end in 2021?

Next year at this time, what will the big story be?

How many firms from our industry will immediately rescind or cut back their WFH policies when the “all-clear” is finally sounded?

Will 2021 be the year that the mortgage and real estate industry starts to make process efficiency on the operations side a priority? 

If and when purchase mortgages make up the majority of overall origination volume, will we embrace it as we have in the past, or bemoan it as some did in 2018 (when it last appeared that re-fi would slow)?

With a change of federal administrations, will we see a more aggressive regulatory and enforcement environment? Will 2021 be the year that Freddie and Fannie transition away from their status of the past 12 years?

Who will be the biggest new name in our industry, and what will they do to ascend to that position? Will it be a lender that finally makes aggressive moves to make producing a loan faster, cheaper and easier on the consumer? Will it be a firm that helps lenders do that in ways no one else has?

Or will 2021 be the year that Google, Amazon, IBM or Montgomery Ward (or whomever the latest 800 lb. gorilla outside the industry is) enters the real estate industry to dominate it? (Yes, I am being sarcastic. We’ve been asking this question every year I’ve been in the industry.)

And finally, what will you do to make our industry a little better in 2021? And what will we at LodeStar do? (HINT:  We’ll be telling you very soon!)

Have a few questions of your own? Ideas or suggestions for future topics? Please share with me at