Deeper Thoughts
Taking a moment to be grateful. – September 23rd, 2020

Issue #42: Taking a moment to be grateful.

A lot going on in the world right now. A lot of bad things. A lot of volatility. But we recently got some great news at LodeStar (not to make light of the bad things by any means).

LodeStar was recently named  to the Philadelphia 100 list. This honor is published each year by the Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia and awarded to the region’s fastest growing private firms. You can learn a bit more about it here. 

This is no small accomplishment for us. In fact, the average growth rate of the 100 winners was 181%. And to think we started off with basically an idea, a little industry experience and a lot of energy. Today, we’re blessed to have a great team; incredible partners and, of course, fantastic clients. The Philadelphia 100 belongs to all of us.

Of course, awards are nice, but they’re also about looking in the rearview mirror. We’re going to enjoy the moment, and then get our eyes back on the road. As LodeStar continues to serve more and more of the mortgage and settlement services industry, we’ll have to make adjustments to no longer being the new kid on the block. And this won’t be the same industry that was here when we started—it’s already changed so much in just a year or two. But the good news for us is that we still have an idea. And a lot of energy. But now, we also have an even stronger team and a network of great partners. In fact, I’m pleased to announce that we recently partnered (again) with our friends at Lender ToolKit. We’ll be announcing some other exciting partnerships soon as well.

Now, we won’t do this often here in the LodeStar Report. But today, we’re feeling grateful and blessed. So we wanted to take a moment to thank you for supporting us. Here’s to an even better 12 months ahead, hopefully!

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