Lending Leaders
The Tech That Matters Most

For this week’s Lending Leaders episode, Greg Uttal, President at Cyberlink Software Solutions, was kind enough to talk with us about tech, implementation, the benefits of AI, and what matters most when it comes to implementing automations.

We’ve Always Done it This Way

The biggest block to change, in Greg’s experience, is the impulse to postpone improvement. “I’ll do it tomorrow.” To quote last week’s guest, Josh Friend, there is no tomorrow. You have to start implementing change now, or else you’ll be saying tomorrow for the rest of your life. For an industry that’s slow to change, tech adoption can be a real game changer.

Where to Start?

So, where do lenders start if they want to change? A great first place to start is looking for places where you’re checking things for accuracy over and over. For example, ask yourself how many times you’re checking the loan file? It’s probably a lot.

But what if you used tech to do all that checking? As long as you’re auditing your processes consistently, and you have an eye for the kinds of things bots get wrong, you won’t waste nearly as much time.

To learn more about what tech matters most, watch the full episode!


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