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How Expertise Builds Trust

For this week’s episode of Lending Leaders, Jim Paolino chats with Marina Hubenova, Director of Sales at Inspect HOA. They discuss the fear of changing, navigating difficult markets, the role of tech, and how to build trust with expertise.

Leveraging Expertise to Solve Specific Pain Points

What InspectHOA does is simple. They are the go-to experts for everything HOA-related. By thoroughly understanding the pain points and challenges involved with HOAs, InspectHOA has positioned itself as the solution to take this headache off the plates of lenders, title companies, and real estate investors.

InspectHOA demonstrates how becoming a true expert in a niche area—in their case, HOAs—can help streamline cumbersome processes for clients. As Marina notes, their goal is to, “help title and escrow companies, lenders, SFR (single-family property) investors to never deal with HOAs again.” By thoroughly understanding the intricacies of this domain, Inspect HOA relieves clients of an ongoing frustration.

Rather than being generalists, showcase your specialized knowledge in select domains. Become the trusted advisor clients rely on to simplify complex processes.

Technology Should Enable, Not Replace

While leaning heavily on technology, Inspect HOA still combines it with human expertise. As Marina explains, technology helps minimize room for error and streamline processes, while their team ensures quality control.

A common fear is that technology will make certain jobs obsolete. However, the goal should be enabling professionals to focus on higher-value tasks. Tedious administrative work can be automated, freeing up time for relationship building and strategic thinking.

Change Requires Courage

When discussing obstacles to making a sale, Marina notes, “the biggest challenge is fear of change.” People cling to old, manual processes because they are comfortable and predictable.

Introducing positive change in any industry requires bravery. It means moving from the known path onto one uncharted. As mortgage professionals, have conviction in the better solutions you offer. With expertise and care, you can guide clients through change successfully.

The mortgage industry, like many others, faces an exciting period of transformation. Trusted advisors willing to take courageous stances will lead the way forward. By building niche expertise and leveraging technology thoughtfully, mortgage professionals can continue providing immense value in a changing world.


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