Loan Estimate Challenges
Alaska’s Biggest LE Challenges

Easily the nation’s largest state at 663,300 square miles, Alaska is larger than the next three largest states (Texas, California and Montana) combined. That also means that the statewide recording fees, which are uniform, cover the largest array of land in the country.

Long regarded as one of the nation’s last frontiers, Alaska’s closing fee laws and customs impose few complexities on residential property transfers there. This is in contrast to the reality that the cost of living (and average home price) in Alaska tend to be significantly higher than in the rest of the country. (24% higher as of 2021).

Recording fees can be affected by page count of the recorded document, however, with larger documents costing more. 

Transfer taxes and recording fees

There are no transfer taxes or mortgage recordation fees in Alaska.


Last edited July 14, 2023

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