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The State of Marketing in the Mortgage Industry with Brian Rieger

LLL recently had the pleasure of sitting down with longtime friend of LodeStar, Brian Rieger, Principle of True Impact Communications, and CEO and Founder of Content Beacon. Brian and Alayna took this opportunity to discuss marketing trends, the purchase market, and how to publish meaningful content in a time of industry-wide transition.

Purchase Market?

Brian and Alayna discussed headlines they read over and over, especially those about the looming purchase market. The market is always changing, and the mortgage industry is a numbers business. LOs care about rates. They have to.

The last time we heard about a purchase market on the horizon was 2018, and refis came back anyway. The purchase market never appeared. The coming purchase market—if it ever arrives—might be the first true one we’ve seen in our industry in 20 years.

We tend to talk about one like the sky is falling, as if all news is bad news. True, there have been lots of layoffs on the front line in both the title and mortgage industries, and we are also witnessing the Great Resignation, a general labor shortage.

But at the same time, a purchase market means more volume, so these lenders need to staff up. It’s an odd dichotomy.

Trends in Industry Pubs

We’re starting to see HR-type headlines in industry publications, which the mortgage industry doesn’t ever see. Suddenly there are words like “engagement,” “retention” and (near and dear to LodeStar) “automation” floating around. This shows that the interests and concerns of loan officers, title agents, and their clients (among others) are changing, As a result, we’re seeing a shift in what editors in mortgage news are interested in. It showcases where the industry is and might be headed

Brian, who’s worked with industry pubs for a long time now, says we’re seeing a time of great transition. And both editors and, for that matter, content producers are still trying to figure out what mortgage lenders want to read in this new climate.

Keeping Up with a Changing Industry

Naturally, we were curious how Brian, as someone in PR and marketing, stays in front of things when the kind of content people want is constantly changing. For him, it’s all about keeping your eyes and ears open; listening to anyone who will talk.

He tries to keep in mind, also, that other industries are lightyears ahead of ours when it comes to content marketing. We’re only just starting to try methods of communication with clients that other industries had already embraced 5 and 10 years ago.

What Gets You Out of Bed in the Morning?

Brian, who meticulously balances work and life, is quick to answer, “My kids, of course.” Giving your all to your industry year after year is all about building the best possible future. Also, it excites him that the industry is changing so much. He used to be on the phone for a lot of the day, pitching to pubs. Now, he’s more of a blogger and content producer. If nothing else, it keeps things interesting.