Deeper Thoughts
We Have an Encompass Admin On Staff!

We recently announced that LodeStar’s own client superstar, Kelsey Wright (our Director, Customer Operations) completed a certification class with our partner ICE Mortgage Technology. The result is that Kelsey is now a certified Encompass Administrator.

While, yes, this is indeed a bit of a humble brag for Kelsey and LodeStar, we believe it merits attention. Not just because LodeStar clients know that Kelsey will run through walls for them. But because we believe it sparks a conversation about customer or client service in the mortgage industry in general.

We all use it somewhere in our marketing materials. No matter what part of the mortgage process our brands serve, it’s hard to find a mortgage-related business that doesn’t tout its “customer service” somewhere.

But what does that really mean? Do we really build partnerships, hire vendors or purchase services because of how well these companies support us or fix problems after the purchase?

When it comes to technology, we think so.

And while we all tout our customer service, what does “good customer service” really mean? Is it timely, professional response? Is it availability (who doesn’t love a 30-minute wait with a call center, after all?)? Is it empowerment and the ability to resolve an issue as quickly as possible? Is it proactivity—solving issues before they happen?

For some businesses, it’s all of the above. For others, the preference is that the service or solution they’ve purchased doesn’t often even NEED support or service. Then again, even with the best technologies, there are so many variables that it’s doubtful ANY tech provider can hit that mark on a 24/7 basis.

We don’t have the definitive answer to the above questions, although we think those are certainly part of it. We do know that everybody appreciates a company or representative of that company who clearly puts the client’s needs at the forefront of her responsibilities. And if that includes going above and beyond any reasonable expectations—such as getting certified in a partner’s technology to better serve her own clients? Well, we know nobody will argue that’s not exceptional customer service. Oh, and it also perfectly describes Kelsey!


Have some other criteria by which to define good customer service? We’d love to hear them.

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