Deeper Thoughts
Consistency and Change Aren’t Antonyms — January 5th, 2022

So now it’s 2022. And it looks a little like…2020. And a little like 2021. Only not.

In fact, if 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything, it’s that we really don’t know what 2022 will bring. Right now, all signs point to yet another year of uncertainty, volatility and turmoil. 

But they also point to another strong year for the mortgage industry, and an overall economic recovery (at some point). 2022 could be a very good year.

The problem is that, collectively, there’s some anxiety and angst out there in the market. Things aren’t necessarily going to be consistent. We could face a lot of change. We’re a very traditional lot, as a whole.

We’ll be the first to admit. We’re eager to settle into a “new normal.” Put the pandemic behind us for once and for all. Get back to full, in-person conferences. Know what the interest rate will be in six months. Be able to mark the change of market cycle and dominant product type on the calendar.

Except, when you think about it, we never did or could do much of that. And we believe consistency can actually go hand in glove with the concept of change.

We’re not sure when this world became so resistant to change. Maybe it’s always been. But we sure seem to collectively gnash our teeth (proverbially, of course) when major change does disrupt our lives and routines.

Heck, we’ve built a great business here on consistency and predictability when it comes to closing cost calculators and TRID fees!

But we’ve done it, as have all successful businesses, by accepting that change is a constant, and doing what’s needed to adapt. 

You’ll see some exciting new things out of LodeStar in 2022. You’ll also continue to enjoy the consistent performance of our signature closing cost calendar. (Which stays consistent because we stay on top of all of the tiny local and regional changes that are only seemingly accelerating when it comes to fees, taxes and similar costs!).  Most of all, we’ll continue to do our best to improve that consistency doesn’t mean fighting change. It means routinely accepting the challenge of things that are not routine.

We look forward to doing that again, with the help of you, our partners, clients and friends, in the New Year!

Best wishes to all for a productive and successful 2022! 

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