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Putting a Bow on 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021 – December 23rd, 2020


Issue #54: Putting a Bow on 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021

Yes, 2020 was historically bad in some ways. I’m hoping words and phrases like “social-distancing” and “pandemic” are banned from the language in the next year or so—and that’s not to make light of those who truly suffered as a result of the virus. However, as we prepare to take a little time with friends and family as best we can this year, now is also a time to reflect with gratitude on the good things. Even in a strange year.

When we look back on the year, remember when the refinance surge really started to take off in the first quarter? COVID-19 was just a back-page news story from overseas. Little did we know or expect that by year’s end, our industry would be talking about mortgage origination volume in the trillions in spite of the largest public health even in 100 years. And while a lot of that record volume was re-fi, more of it ended up being purchase than anticipated. 

While it’s definitely a problem to not have enough hands-on deck to secure the fish jumping into the boat, it’s still a good problem to have. Let’s face it. Not many businesses in our industry did poorly in 2020. Opportunity was plentiful in spite of some of the most serious logistical challenges we’ve ever seen. Kudos to everyone who helped to get it done. It was nice to see the mortgage, real estate and housing industry being lauded for propping up the economy rather than being wrongfully derided for dragging it down (as in 2008).

This was a fantastic year for us at LodeStar. We, too, enjoyed record growth; added many great and long-term clients and met a lot of thoughtful and wonderful people around the industry. We were blessed to be awarded several honors, including the 2020 HW Tech 100; National Mortgage Professional’s 40 Under 40; and the Philadelphia 100 for the greater Philadelphia region’s fastest-growing, privately-held businesses.

I was personally honored to be invited on to several great industry podcasts, including Fintech Hunting; 3 Guys & an iPad; and Rise and Shred. In fact, we will be launching our own podcast in 2021 (stay tuned!), and I will definitely be inviting some of these guys on to join me.

I’m also grateful for the numerous opportunities to share my humble opinion in the trade publications this year: ALTA, Housing Wire, MBA NewsLink, MPA,  MReport, National Mortgage News, National Mortgage Professional, Rob Chrisman and Scotsman Guide. Thanks to all of you for letting me share my thoughts in your prestigious publications!

Finally, I’m thankful for all the good people who work with us every day: employees, partners, clients, vendors. All of you are what makes us LodeStar. And you’re the very people who inspire us to do even better things in 2021.

Have a healthy, safe and joyous holiday season! We’ll see you again the first week of January.

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