Customization Policy LodeStar Connect


System Workflow. The Licensor will providing the following configurations for its integration in the Encompass LOS platform. 

  1. Licensor will export fees to the following fields/sections 
    1. Section 1100 on the 2015 Itemization Form for Title Agent fees and Title Insurance premiums
    2. Section 1200 on the 2015 Itemization Form for 
    3. Title Agent information will populate on the Settlement Service Provider List SSPL Line 1. Fee names will populate but not fee amounts
  2. Licensor will export fees with standard names in the Mavent System. Licensor will not modify names of fees.
  3. Exported transfer taxes will include seller side taxes as determined by Licensor. The seller side tax will be marked as seller obligated. 
  4. Exported title agent fees will be marked as APR and it will be Licensor’s sole discretion if a fee should be marked as APR.
  5. Only buyer paid title agent fees will be exported. Lenders Policy and Owners policy paid by will be solely determined by LodeStar.
  6. Licensor does not guarantee the accuracy of any fees, taxes, recording fees, or policy calculations.
  7. Licensor will provide default endorsements as determined by selected title agent.Licensee will have ability to manually add endorsements