Get to Know Lodestar! Kelsey Wright

You tend to hear from Jim in our LodeStar Reports, but it’s time to hear from the other folks who make up our amazing team! This week, we talked with Kelsey Wright, our Director of Customer Success and one of our very first employees three years ago…

So how did you get your start at LodeStar? How about in the title and mortgage industry?

LodeStar actually brought me into the industry. I had been at a tech start-up previously, and stumbled upon an online ad for a position here. I’ll admit, at first, I didn’t really know much about this industry. A while back, I did have an internship with a CRE brokerage, but that’s quite different. Three years later, here we are!

What exactly do you do as the Director of Customer Success?

Well, I make sure our customers are successful! I help them with product adoption; help them get set up. And then, it’s about getting them to get the most and best use out of the product. It’s great when they come back to us later and tell us “This is amazing!” Of course, I work with a wonderful team, and it’s fun when the customers start to put a face to our names. But it’s all about keeping the customer happy!

You were one of LodeStar’s first employees and have now been here over three years. What are you proudest of as you look back?

Wow—just…it’s amazing how far we’ve come. I say this with Jim (Paolino) and Dave (Spektor) literally once a week. We each remember just a handful of people working from our original, New York office. It’s crazy how much we’ve grown in such a short period of time.

2020 was an incredibly strange year in so many ways. How do you think it may have changed our industry?

I think it really made me, personally, appreciate just how lucky we are—as so many awful things were going on in the world—to even have jobs, much less have a lot of success in 2020. I’m so grateful that we were so busy. A lot of people were not so lucky. As to the industry, I think, with all the order volume going on last year, people are just looking for ways to get things done faster and more easily, and that’s, of course, what we try to help with at LodeStar. I don’t think that increased awareness of a need to get more done, faster is going away any time soon.

Tell us one thing people would never believe is true about you?

I grew up super into sports. I was an athlete. In fact, I played Division Three college lacrosse. After I graduated, I didn’t want to give up being active. So I ran the New York City marathon in 2018. Even now, I’m still very active.

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